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The Lake Winnipeg Foundation is committed to restoring and protecting the health of Lake Winnipeg and its watershed – but we can’t do it alone.

LWF relies on donations from individuals and organizations who share our vision. The generosity of our supporters enables us to grow our capacity, fund more research and push for meaningful changes that will help us achieve our goal of a clean, healthy Lake Winnipeg and watershed now and for future generations.

The success of our work is dependent on the trust and support of lake-lovers from across the province and country. We recognize the need to continue to build our membership base by showing more Manitobans how a healthy Lake Winnipeg benefits us all. We are committed to improving engagement and communication with our valued members, many of whom have been with LWF since it formed.

As we are joined by more and more voices, LWF’s ability to speak for Lake Winnipeg grows more powerful.

Becoming an LWF member is one way you can help us achieve our mission. By making a financial commitment to LWF – whether a one-time contribution, a monthly donation, multi-year support, a gift in memory of a loved one or as part of your estate – you are creating the legacy we leave for our children.

All donations of $50 or more include a one-year LWF membership. A charitable tax receipt is issued for every donation of $20 or more.

Make a donation today and become a member.

LWF members receive copies of our newsletter, The Watershed Observer, published twice a year and distributed via mail or electronically.

Members are also encouraged to attend our annual meetings. Held each spring, these events offer the chance to find out what’s new with LWF, meet and talk with LWF staff, board members and Science Advisory Council members, and connect with other lake-lovers.

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Your gift makes a healthy Lake Winnipeg possible.