federal investment in phosphorus hotspots

Improving the health of Lake Winnipeg is a well-established national priority acknowledged through the policy priorities, mandate letters and throne speeches of successive federal governments.

Since 2020, LWF and our members have been advocating for the renewal of the Lake Winnipeg Basin Program (LWBP), a federal funding program for initiatives designed to reduce phosphorus loading to improve Lake Winnipeg water quality.

We achieved this goal in March 2023 with the release of the federal budget, which included dedicated multi-year funding for Canada’s freshwater lakes and rivers as part of a new Freshwater Action Plan.

evidence-based investment

We are recommending that phosphorus data generated by the Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network be integrated into the design of the now-renewed LWBP to ensure regional investments generate measurable results and long-term impact.

We expect targeted investment in persistent, recurring phosphorus hotspots, as well as robust phosphorus monitoring and strong accountability measures to ensure effective delivery of proposed outcomes.

We’re also calling for a federal funding program that supports Indigenous peoples in reclaiming and restoring their relationship with water, and enables Indigenous rightsholders and governments to participate fully and meaningfully in water governance and knowledge-sharing.

A water sampler with wetland in background.

The Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network

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Latest federal government advocacy

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Other federal advocacy

Jointly created by LWF and the Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective, this position paper offers five recommendations for the federal government to achieve real impact for Lake Winnipeg by strengthening established programs, acting on robust evidence, enforcing existing laws and regulations, and following through on long-standing commitments.

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