Tenacious, evidence-based advocacy is crucial to advancing freshwater solutions; it is how we create change at the scale necessary to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg.

LWF works to influence policy, guide investment, encourage action and hold governments accountable. Our solutions-focused approach enables us to follow through with actions that will lead to measurable impact and improved water quality.

Alongside our members, we are bringing the concerns of lake-lovers to the tables of decision-makers and using our collective voice to push for meaningful change.

"It’s easy for policy makers to say the right thing – it’s harder to ensure the resources and follow-through are there on the ground to achieve the desired impact. LWF serves as a dedicated, long-term advocate for Lake Winnipeg – ensuring that words result in meaningful action, and holding policy-makers to account for their promises. "
~ Dr. Alexis Kanu, LWF Executive Director
"I was drawn to support LWF because its strong advocacy is rooted in evidence-based, workable solutions to the problems facing Lake Winnipeg. I remain inspired because I have witnessed the power of LWF’s persistence. "
~ Dr. Greg McCullough, Science Advisory Council Chai
"I’m not a scientist, but I am a lake lover and advocate. I trust LWF because I have experienced the work they put into collecting the research that informs their advocacy – and mine! "
~ Andrea Wiebe, LWF member
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Guided by the goals set out in our 2023-2027 strategic plan, our current advocacy efforts are focused on advancing evidence-based solutions to reduce phosphorus loading, the root cause of harmful algal blooms on Lake Winnipeg.

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