2023-2027 strategic plan

Our 2023-2027 strategic plan was collaboratively developed by LWF board and staff as part of an in-depth, two-year process. Together, we reviewed past achievements, considered emerging challenges, acknowledged our organizational strengths and identified opportunities for improvement. We encouraged ourselves to dream big – and we challenged ourselves to have honest conversations.

The result of that hard work is a new plan that establishes four high-level goals related to membership, advocacy, evidence and resilience. These goals will guide priority-setting and decision-making: helping us focus our efforts in the areas of greatest opportunity and impact as we pursue our vision of a healthy Lake Winnipeg. As part of each goal, we’ve identified a series of related actions which we will aim to achieve over the next five years.

Our plan also recognizes important opportunities for growth within LWF. We commit to continuous learning as we engage with new communities and new forms of knowledge to support solutions for Lake Winnipeg. We look forward to building a diverse, passionate, informed and empowered community working together to protect Lake Winnipeg.

To hold ourselves accountable, we are developing key performance indicators to monitor our progress, measure our impact and ensure we are staying on track. We commit to reporting on these indicators annually.

Download the 2023-2027 Strategic Plan: