take action: winnipeg sewage

Take action: Manitoba’s environment minister needs to hear from you!

We need your help.

Manitoba Environment and Climate Change’s Environmental Approvals Branch is currently reviewing the City of Winnipeg’s proposed timeline for biological nutrient removal (BNR) at the North End Water Pollution Control Centre (NEWPCC), the city’s largest sewage treatment plant.

This is a critical opportunity for lake-lovers to speak up for the health of Lake Winnipeg by demanding accelerated phosphorus compliance at NEWPCC. (Read our latest news post to learn more.)

We are asking our members to contact Manitoba’s minister of Environment and Climate Change and urge her to use her authority to achieve phosphorus compliance at NEWPCC.

Send an email to Environment and Climate Change Minister Tracy Schmidt. Ask her to amend NEWPCC’s provincial operating licence to require that phosphorus compliance be achieved through chemical phosphorus reduction within the scope of currently funded projects.

Here is an example of an effective message:

“Dear Minister Schmidt,

I am writing to you to express my concern and frustration with ongoing delays in achieving phosphorus compliance at Winnipeg’s North End Water Pollution Control Centre (NEWPCC).

NEWPCC remains non-compliant with the phosphorus limit set out in its provincial operating licence almost 20 years ago, because the provincial requirement for biological nutrient removal is cost-prohibitive. Meanwhile, Lake Winnipeg continues to suffer.

A chemical phosphorus reduction system will soon be operational at NEWPCC. This method is a proven, affordable solution to address phosphorus pollution. Together with NEWPCC’s new biosolids facilities, chemical phosphorus reduction can be designed to achieve phosphorus compliance.

As Manitoba’s minister of Environment and Climate Change, I urge you to amend NEWPCC’s provincial operating licence to require phosphorus compliance through chemical phosphorus reduction as part of the new biosolids facilities project.

As a lake-lover and a voter, I expect my government to make cost-effective, evidence-based decisions to safeguard the health of our shared waters. Amending NEWPCC’s licence makes possible a realistic solution to a long-standing problem.

I would appreciate a reply to this email. 


Your name” 

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Enough is enough. Join us as we use our collective voice to speak up for our shared waters.