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Walk for Water FAQ 2021

[collapsed title="What is Walk for Water?"]Walk for Water is a grassroots fundraising event in support of a healthy Lake Winnipeg. These family-friendly, pledged walks take place each year in various lakeside communities. The first Walk for Water took place in 2007 in Matlock. In 2021, Walk for Water is taking place in Victoria Beach.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Do I need to pre-register?"]No. If you plan to walk in an event, simply arrive at the designated check-in time and volunteers will assist you then. If you are unable to participate in the walk, you can still fundraise online, or collect pledges in person and mail them in to LWF.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Is there a fee to participate?"]No - there is no fee to participate in Walk for Water, although participants are encouraged to collect pledges and/or make a personal donation. This year, we are encouraging online donations as much as possible.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Is Walk for Water a race? Will I be timed?"]No. These events bring together people of all ages and abilities, so please walk at a pace that feels right for you. Many participants bring the whole family – including the dog![/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Can I ride my bike/push a stroller/participate in a wheelchair?"]Yes. If you’re biking, please wear a helmet, follow basic rules of the road and use the appropriate level of caution; many people (including small children and pets) will be walking and it’s important that everyone stays safe. As well, please note that some Walk for Water routes encompass a variety of terrains including grass, wooden boardwalks, gravel paths and the occasional hill.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="How long is a walk route?"]Walk routes vary. The 2021 Victoria Beach & District Walk for Water route is 2.5 km.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Can my office/company/club get involved?"]Definitely! You’re welcome to participate as a team, or help out by volunteering. Organizations and businesses can also get involved by offering support in the form of a corporate donation or sponsorship (contact us for more information).[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="How are Walk for Water proceeds used?"]Proceeds from Walk for Water are donated to the Lake Winnipeg Foundation and used to fund ongoing programmatic and advocacy work.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Do you provide charitable receipts for the donations I collect?"]Yes, LWF provides charitable receipts for donations of $20 or more. For a donation of $50 or more, you will receive a one-year LWF membership. If you are collecting donations from other, make sure you collect accurate and complete information from them to ensure that we can issue a receipt! If you are fundraising online, charitable receipts will be automatically issued and emailed to donors.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="What should I bring?"]Dress for the weather, wear comfortable shoes and bring a reusable water bottle. Don’t forget to also bring your pledge form and the money you raised. This year, please ensure it is in a resealable bag with the total amount raised written on the outside.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="What happens if it's raining on the day of the walk?"]Walk for water events will proceed as planned in rain, however, if there is a risk of lightning walks will be cancelled for safety reasons.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="What precautions have been put in place to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission at this year's walk?"]Safety comes first. We are closely monitoring all public health notices to ensure we are following all regulations, and Walk for Water organizers are prepared to adapt the event as needed to optimize the safety of all involved and adhere to all public health regulations – up to and including cancelling the event if required. Walk for Water 2021 will be held completely outside, and will incorporate social distancing practices, sanitization procedures and other risk-reduction measures to ensure minimal contact between all participants. We encourage online donations this year, and are adapting our usual check-in process to further reduce risk.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="What if I can’t make it to a Walk for Water event?"]There are lots of other ways to get involved in Walk for Water! Participate as a pledger by donating to someone who is walking, create your own personalized online fundraising page, or help spread the word by sharing information about our events on social media or putting up a poster in your community.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="I want to put up posters in my community and/or distribute pledge forms. Can you help?"]Absolutely! Contact the LWF office to make arrangements.[/collapsed]

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