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We’re seeking an enthusiastic, organized and community-minded student to be our Summer Outreach Coordinator!

Based out of Winnipeg with some travel to various Lake Winnipeg communities, this term position runs from May 6 to Aug. 22, 2024, and will require some evening and weekend work.

LWF is currently piloting a reduced workweek, with staff working 32 hours/week. Our reduced workweek comes with the expectation that employees will continue to maintain 100% of the productivity of a 40-hour workweek. As such, employees will continue to receive the pay they would receive for 40 hours of work...

This January, the LWF and Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective (LWIC) teams are implementing a reduced workweek trial to advance our strategic goal of demonstrating excellence in non-profit governance and practice. All our staff will be working 32 hours/week for the next six months, as we test out the benefits and opportunities of the increasingly common four-day workweek.

Our objectives with this shortened workweek are to increase employee engagement and well-being, improve staff recruitment and retention, sharpen our focus on our strategic goals, and spark the creativity and passion that...

This year marks an exciting new beginning for LWF, as we launch our 2023-2027 strategic plan!

Our new plan was collaboratively developed by LWF board and staff as part of an in-depth, two-year process. Together, we reviewed past achievements, considered emerging challenges, acknowledged our organizational strengths and identified opportunities for improvement. We encouraged ourselves to dream big – and we challenged ourselves to have honest conversations.

The result of that hard work is a new plan that establishes four high-level goals related to membership, advocacy, evidence and resilience...

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