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The RM of Victoria Beach was one of eight included in a 2017 study of south basin real estate. Photo: Paul Mutch

A 2017 study commissioned by LWF confirms that Lake Winnipeg property values make significant contributions to Manitoba’s economy.

Conducted by Scatliff + Miller + Murray and BW Ferguson & Associates, the analysis considered residential and cottage properties around the lake’s south basin, extending south from Riverton on the west side and south from Victoria Beach on the east side. Roughly bounded by Highways 8 and 59, the study area encompassed portions of eight rural...

On Oct. 19, the Manitoba government released the Clean Environment Commission’s report on Lake Winnipeg regulation.

The CEC and its role

The Manitoba Clean Environment Commission (CEC) is an arms-length provincial agency established to provide advice and recommendations to the minister of conservation and water stewardship, and to develop and maintain public participation in environmental matters. Its recommendations are not binding; the minister reviews them and chooses whether to adopt them.

The scope of the recent report

The CEC was asked to conduct a review and gather public input on...

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