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In advance of Budget 2019, the Manitoba government solicited input on how provincial spending and revenue should be prioritized, and on innovative ways to save money. Our submission highlights the government’s responsibility for the sustainable management of provincial water resources and recommends provincial investment in four key areas.

Protecting Manitoba’s threatened wetlands

Ongoing drainage and damage to Manitoba’s threatened wetlands has increased flood risk and severity, and reduced water quality. Provincial resources must be invested in policies that ensure no net loss of wetland...

This week, news broke that the province is planning to take action to try and stop zebra mussels from establishing themselves in Lake Winnipeg. (As we reported in our most recent LWF newsletter, zebra mussels were discovered in October in several harbours.)

We’re pleased that the province of Manitoba understands the serious ecological and economic threats posed by a potential zebra mussel infestation in Lake Winnipeg and is acting accordingly.

A limited window of time exists in which to try to control or eliminate existing populations of this invasive species. Attempting to eradicate zebra...

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