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Here's a great video about the Manitoba Museum's latest interactive exhibit — complete with apperances by LWF executive director Alexis and Alex Salki, chair of LWF's Science Advisory Council.

The Lake Winnipeg Foundation is committed to restoring and protecting the health of Lake Winnipeg and its watershed – but we can’t do it alone.

LWF relies on donations from individuals and organizations who share our vision. The generosity of our supporters enables us to grow our capacity, fund more research and push for meaningful changes that will help us achieve our goal of a clean, healthy Lake Winnipeg and watershed now and for future generations.

The success of our work is dependent on the trust and support of lake-lovers from across the province and country. We recognize the need to...

LWF offers free educational presentations in English and French about Lake Winnipeg and its watershed to school (K-12) and community groups.*

These engaging presentations are accompanied by a PowerPoint slide show and are tailored to different age groups and curriculum concepts. Each presentation includes:

  • Information about Lake Winnipeg and its watershed;
  • An introduction to the root causes of the current health challenges facing the lake (e.g. algal blooms, invasive species);
  • The history of LWF – who we are and what we do;
  • An overview of the Lake Winnipeg Health Plan (LWF’s evidence-based...

Lake-a-thon is LWF's annual fundraising campaign.

The Lake Winnipeg Foundation’s annual Alexander Bajkov Award is named in honour of the pioneering researcher of Lake Winnipeg.

The award recognizes individuals who exemplify Dr. Bajkov’s dedication to the understanding of Lake Winnipeg, and who demonstrate outstanding efforts to protect and restore the lake and its watershed.

Nominees will have contributed to Lake Winnipeg in the fields of science, art, environmental stewardship, education and/or advocacy. Nominations are considered by an independent panel of judges and announcement of the award recipient in made in the spring.

Many people...

LWF hosts outeach and fundraising events in communities across Manitoba all year long, with our signature campaign, Walk for Water, taking place each summer. In addition, many lake-lovers choose to independently organize their own activities.

Proceeds raised from fundraising events support LWF’s work to restore and protect Lake Winnipeg. Get involved and be part of the solution!

Organize an event

Each year, concerned lake-lovers of all ages and from all walks of life organize their own events in support of a healthy Lake Winnipeg. Proceeds raised from these events support our ongoing work to...


A clean, healthy Lake Winnipeg and watershed, now and for future generations.


To advocate for change and coordinate action to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg.


Founded by concerned citizens in 2005, LWF today is the only membership-based freshwater organization in Manitoba, working collaboratively with non-profit, academic, industry and government sectors, First Nations and the public to restore and protect our great lake.

Combining the expertise of our Science Advisory Council and the commitment of our members, LWF has been nationally recognized for our ability to link...


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Your gift makes a healthy Lake Winnipeg possible.

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