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Our Story


LWF is an environmental non-governmental organization (ENGO) advocating for change and co-ordinating action to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg.


A clean, healthy Lake Winnipeg and watershed, now and for future generations.


To advocate for change and coordinate action to improve the health of Lake Winnipeg.


  • Evidence-based
  • Collaborative
  • Diplomatic
  • Action-oriented
  • Committed to sharing data and accessible information

Brief History

Founded in 2005 as a volunteer coalition of concerned lake-lovers, LWF today is emerging as a leading organization working collaboratively with non-profit, academic, industry and government sectors and the public to restore and protect our great lake.

In 2012, LWF established our Science Advisory Council (SAC), a group of leading freshwater experts whose research guides our organization's work.

The Lake Winnipeg Foundation recognizes the importance of collaboration. To help realize our vision, LWF has provided funding to various organizations offering programs that support a healthy Lake Winnipeg. Learn more about some of these projects by visiting our Grant Recipients page.

Today and tomorrow

LWF's efforts are focused on research, public education, stewardship and collaboration.

For example:

  • LWF leads the Lake Winnipeg Health Plan, which identifies eight key actions to address the root causes of harmful algae blooms.
  • LWF partners with other organizations and groups to educate citizens, push for evidence-based policy, and encourage innovation and excellence in water stewardship.
  • LWF provides subsidies for school field trips.
  • LWF offers presentations to schools and community groups.
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