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How to recycle beyond the blue bin

Clean plastic beverage containers, cereal boxes and tin cans are eligible for curbside pickup, but what can you do with batteries, plastic storage bins or even appliances? Winnipeg has three locations where you can drop off end-of-life materials for free!

The 4R Winnipeg Depots offer a place for residents to take materials that can be composted, recycled, reused or resold. They are different from the community recycling depots as they will take a wide range of materials. It's free of charge to bring any of the accepted materials including the following:

  • Leaf, tree wood and yard waste (no plastic bags)
  • Ceramics and porcelain (including tiles and toilets)
  • Batteries
  • Scrap metal (including chain link fencing, pots and pans)
  • Large appliances
  • Bicycles
  • Large plastics (including storage containers, patio furniture and laundry baskets)
  • Household cleaners
  • Paint
  • Electronic waste (including microwaves, televisions and computers)

Check out the full list of accepted materials — you can drop off a surprising number of different materials, including the kitchen sink!

For years, LWF’s summer event season has been filled with a variety of in-person activities, challenges and events. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, we are adapting our summer 2020 season. LWF will not be hosting in-person events. Instead, we’re encouraging you to support a healthy Lake Winnipeg with an activity of your choice.

Everyone has items in their home they no longer have use for. With this activity, you can pitch in for the planet by taking them to the proper depot while collecting donations to support healthy water:

  1. Ask your friends, family and neighbours if they have any items that can go to the 4R Depot. Don't forget to check out the list of accepted materials.
  2. Collect donations by item, by weight or set a pre-determined amount. If you don't want to accept money, you can create a fundraising page and use it to collect donations.
  3. Arrange a contactless pick up date and time.
  4. Take the items to one of the three depots.
  5. Donate any money you raised using our secure online campaign page.

It's that simple! By doing this, you'll keep unnecessary items out of the landfill while supporting programs that address the root causes of harmful algae blooms.

Did you know that rain and surface runoff can cause chemicals from landfills to leach into groundwater? That groundwater can carry those chemicals from the landfill to our lake. This activity supports a healthy Lake Winnipeg in more ways than one!

Drop off your end-of-life materials at one of the following Winnipeg locations:

  • 1777 Brady Road
  • 1120 Pacific Avenue
  • Panet Road at Mission Street
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