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Provincial election 2023: No specifics on phosphorus compliance from Manitoba parties

In the leadup to Manitoba’s Oct. 3 election, we asked all six provincial parties to commit to achieving phosphorus compliance at Winnipeg’s largest sewage treatment plant, the North End Water Pollution Control Centre (NEWPCC).

Only the New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP) responded to us. This is the statement we received.

It’s disappointing that no party chose to commit directly to the specific actions required to achieve phosphorus compliance at Winnipeg’s north end plant. So many Manitobans care deeply about the health of Lake Winnipeg, and have called upon successive provincial governments to take action. For years, LWF, our partners, and our members have put forward a cost-effective, feasible and proven solution to address phosphorus pollution from Winnipeg sewage.

Manitoba’s next government must acknowledge the urgency of the issue, and develop a costed and time-bound plan to achieve phosphorus compliance at NEWPCC. Together with our members, we will continue to hold Manitoba’s elected leaders to account for their responsibilities to Lake Winnipeg.

More information about how you can engage with provincial candidates is available on our website.

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