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Help us advocate for community-based monitoring data

Update: The deadline to participate in the online Water Action Plan Survey has been extended until March 15, 2023.

Let Manitoba’s government know that community-based monitoring improves water decision-making.

The Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network (LWCBMN) mobilizes citizen volunteers and watershed partners to collect water samples in order to identify phosphorus hotpots – localized areas where phosphorus reduction is required to improve Lake Winnipeg water quality.

LWCBMN is a credible source of valuable water-quality data which can be used to improve water policy and management. However, these critical data have not yet been effectively integrated into government decision-making.

How you can help

Use the provincial government’s online Water Action Plan Survey to advocate for the use of LWCBMN data to improve provincial water management. The survey runs until Feb. 15, 2023. Note: to participate, you need to register an account and be signed in.

The survey asks you to rank your water priorities. (Helpful tip: You do not have to answer every question to submit your survey.)

Here are the top 3 objectives we’re prioritizing as “High Importance”:

  • Reduce excess nutrient loading to Manitoba’s waterways (Survey Question 12; Focus Area #7)
  • Ensure that monitoring programs support water management decision-making (Survey Question 15; Focus Area #10)
  • Support engagement and participation of local organizations in water initiatives, including community-based monitoring and citizen science (Survey Question 16; Focus Area #11)

For Survey Question 17, you can also highlight the Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Program as an initiative you would like to see included in the Water Action Plan.

A note of caution: While we’re leveraging this survey to encourage Manitoba’s government to use LWCBMN data to improve water management, we have some significant concerns about the recently released Water Management Strategy.

The province has failed to include Indigenous rightsholders throughout the strategy’s development, has not meaningfully integrated the strategy with existing environmental legislation and has not adequately considered important water concerns outside of agro-Manitoba.

If you share our concerns, we invite you to add your comments (or copy in our thoughts above) to Survey Question 19.

Once you’ve completed the survey, encourage your friends and family to do the same! Remember, the survey closes Feb. 15, 2023.

What’s next: We’re currently working on a government submission which outlines our concerns with the Water Management Strategy and the proposed action plan. We’ll be sharing it soon on our website’s Resources for Citizens page. Stay tuned!

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