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Share your photos online with #AlgaeWatch

Photo collage: Algae on Lake Winnipeg as seen by LWF supporters (clockwise from top left): Victoria Beach, 2017: Jeope Wolfe; Spruce Sands Beach, 2021: Rosalie Lazar; Matlock, 2017: Wendy Buelow; Victoria Beach 2017: Corrine Flaws

As summer draws to a close, we are once again facing an all-too-familiar – and heartbreaking – sight: algal blooms on Lake Winnipeg.

These blooms are caused by excess phosphorus. We need your help to ensure our elected officials understand the impact of continued inaction on phosphorus reduction.

Online networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are monitored by politicians and journalists – and election candidates! Elected officials pay attention to what their constituents are talking about, while trending topics often get picked up by local media, which helps further amplify citizens’ concerns.

This is where we have great power to influence change – especially with the upcoming Winnipeg election just weeks away.

We’re encouraging people who experience algae on the lake to snap a photo and share it on social media using the hashtag #AlgaeWatch.

The more attention an issue receives, the more likely elected officials at all levels of government are to take notice.

Remember to tag us in your #AlgaeWatch photos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook!

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