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Speak up for Lake Winnipeg! (Plus – water monitoring beyond our borders and a free online event!)

Dear LWF supporter,

As fall settles in across our watershed, here at LWF, we are continuing to adapt to shifting circumstances while we advocate for change and coordinate action to protect Lake Winnipeg.

CALL TO ACTION: Governments must focus on phosphorus at Winnipeg’s largest sewage plant

We need your help.

On Oct. 9, the North End Water Pollution Control Centre (NEWPCC) Project Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from Winnipeg and Manitoba tasked with implementing an interim phosphorus reduction plan, released an update.

In 2019, both governments committed to accelerate phosphorus reduction at the NEWPCC. We’re concerned that the updated upgrade plan still makes no firm commitments to reduce phosphorus before 2032.

LWF sits on the NEWPCC Project Provincial Advisory Committee. We have identified two immediate opportunities to reduce phosphorus levels in the treatment plant’s effluent – and we are reminding governments of their obligation to do so.

Please join us in speaking up for Lake Winnipeg. Visit our website for more information and an example of an effective message you could send to your elected representatives.

Honours biology students from Minot’s Central Campus take water samples from the Souris River; Photo: Joe Super

The Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network goes international!

Grade 10 Biology students from Minot, North Dakota, are the newest citizen scientists – and the first Americans – to join the Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network.

Honour students from Minot’s Central Campus are collecting samples from the Souris River, using equipment supplied by LWF and following protocols developed by LWF science advisors.

We’re excited to offer these students the chance to get outside the classroom and actively participate in freshwater science – and we’re grateful for their contribution to our growing dataset.

Head to our website to read more about this cross-border pilot project.

Answering Our Call to Nibi: A Conversation on Women and Water

Mark your calendar! On Oct. 21, our partners at the Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective are hosting a free online conversation about women and water!

In Indigenous traditional knowledge systems, a unique, intimate relationship exists between woman and water. This webinar features five engaging panelists who will share their knowledge and understanding of “nibi” (an Anishinaabe word for “water”), and discuss our collective role in water protection.

To register, visit LWIC’s website.

Thank you for your continued interest in Lake Winnipeg,

The LWF team

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