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New poll results, plus Manitoba’s political parties respond to Lake Winnipeg questions

Dear LWF supporter,

Manitobans expect political leadership on Lake Winnipeg: poll

A new poll conducted for LWF by Probe Research Inc. reinforces the importance of Lake Winnipeg to all Manitobans. Among the findings:

  • 94% of Manitobans agree Lake Winnipeg is worth protecting
  • 91% agree the health of lakes and rivers is very important to the quality of life in Manitoba
  • 80% agree that Lake Winnipeg is one of Manitoba’s most important natural resources

With Manitoba’s election now just one week away, the online survey of 882 Manitobans also revealed that no matter who they plan to vote for, people expect the next provincial government to lead the charge in improving the health of Lake Winnipeg.

More than three quarters (79%) of Manitobans agree that addressing Lake Winnipeg’s problems requires strong political leadership. This number includes 81% of those who intend to vote for the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba, 92% of those who intend to vote for the New Democratic Party and 72% of those who intend to vote for the Manitoba Liberals.

Three quarters (74%) of Manitobans told Probe they hope the next provincial government will put a high priority on addressing Lake Winnipeg’s problems.

You can read more about the poll results here.

Manitoba parties and candidates respond to Lake Winnipeg questions

In the lead-up to the provincial election on April 19, we wanted to learn more about how parties and candidates plan to address the challenges facing Lake Winnipeg. We sent five questions to each party’s headquarters. We also reached out to all Manitoba candidates with an accessible email address.

To help you make an informed decision when you cast your ballot next week, we wanted to share what we learned. All responses we received are now posted on our website.

Interested in engaging with your local candidates? A streamlined, downloadable/printable version of our five Lake Winnipeg questions can be found here. We encourage you to reach out to the candidates running in your constituency and let them know that Lake Winnipeg matters to you!

Thank you for your continued support,

The LWF team

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