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Help ensure fresh water is on the federal agenda

Dear LWF supporter,

The federal election is now less than a month away. It’s time to put water on the agenda.

A call for federal leadership on fresh water

Lake Winnipeg continues to be threatened by harmful algae blooms – but it’s not the only Canadian water body in trouble. Across the country, mounting pressures on rivers, lakes and streams are closing beaches, compromising drinking water supplies, impacting fisheries and undermining the health of aquatic ecosystems. Climate change is introducing more complex challenges and uncertainties, with floods and droughts causing billions of dollars in damage, impacting people and their homes, communities, infrastructure and economies.

Our Living Waters (OLW) is a new national initiative working to amplify the impact of Canada’s water community. It has launched a non-partisan call to action, asking the next government of Canada to make freshwater protection a national priority by setting a target to have all of Canada’s waters in good health by 2025.

OLW’s call to action outlines four themes that will help us set a national water agenda:

  • Mobilizing water knowledge
  • Modernizing and implementing water law and policy
  • Building water sustainable cities and economies
  • Supporting a collaborative water community

LWF has endorsed the call and we encourage all lake-lovers to do the same. Spread the word to your colleagues, local businesses, community leaders, and your friends and family. Ask them to join us and many others in signing up to endorse the call to action for federal leadership on fresh water.

Stay tuned to learn how federal parties will address the challenges facing Lake Winnipeg

To help you make an informed decision when you cast your ballot on Oct. 19, we’ve reached out to the four federal parties running a full slate of candidates. We hope to learn more about how each party will address the challenges facing Lake Winnipeg and will be sharing the responses we receive online. Stay tuned!

Thank you for your interest in the health of our great lake,

The LWF team

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