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Support LWF through Strathmillan Elementary School’s rain barrel sale!

We first met some of the young water champions from Strathmillan Elementary School when we presented last year to a particularly enthusiastic Grade 4 class. Inspired by what they learned about Lake Winnipeg, these students went on to collaborate on a series of watercolour paintings, write letters to local politicians and organize a successful fundraiser for LWF.

One of the beautiful paintings created by Strathmillan students last year.

Fast forward to this year, and the entire K to 5 school has rallied into action!

Strathmillan has chosen “water” as its 2016 educational theme – and LWF as a local charity partner. The last several months have seen all 335 students at this Winnipeg school learning about water stewardship, Lake Winnipeg and how they can make a difference.

Now, these passionate young water leaders are ready to give back.

Last week, Strathmillan Student Council launched the “A drop in the Bucket” rain barrel sale. Partnering with RainBarrel.ca, students are selling a variety of rain barrels and accessories – and for every barrel sold, $10 will be donated to LWF!

Strathmillan Elementary School is selling rain barrels in a variety of sizes and colours, plus accessories.

Using a barrel to collect rain for use on your lawn and garden conserves water that would otherwise come from a tap, and also helps reduce the load on municipal storm sewers and wastewater treatment facilities. It’s an easy way to be lake-friendly – and cut down on your water bill!

You can order your rain barrel online until the end of April; purchased barrels can be picked up on May 11 and 12th at the school. (And don’t forget to tell all your friends!)

Action 8 of the Lake Winnipeg Health Plan, Taking Responsibility, encourages Manitobans to get engaged in water stewardship. Water connects us all. No matter who we are – or how old we are – we can make a difference.

Thanks so much to the students, teachers and administration from Strathmillan Elementary School for being such wonderful role models.

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