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Provincial action on zebra mussels is the right move

This week, news broke that the province is planning to take action to try and stop zebra mussels from establishing themselves in Lake Winnipeg. (As we reported in our most recent LWF newsletter, zebra mussels were discovered in October in several harbours.)

We’re pleased that the province of Manitoba understands the serious ecological and economic threats posed by a potential zebra mussel infestation in Lake Winnipeg and is acting accordingly.

A limited window of time exists in which to try to control or eliminate existing populations of this invasive species. Attempting to eradicate zebra mussels by temporarily closing four harbours and treating them with liquid potash is a necessary measure. Science tells us this action poses no risk to humans and little risk to most other lake organisms.

We recognize the planned actions will likely cause disruption and short-term economic impact for those who make their living on and around Lake Winnipeg. However, if zebra mussels establish themselves in the lake, the long-term environmental and economic consequences could be far worse – and permanent. To ensure that Lake Winnipeg’s fishery and tourism industries continue to thrive for generations, action must be taken now.

You can read our full public statement here.

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