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The Manitoba government wants to hear from you!

Update: The deadline to complete the survey has been extended to March 31, 2017.

A new Climate and Green Plan is under development and the government is gathering public input through an online survey on energy, land use and conservation measures. Completing this survey takes just a few minutes and is an easy way to impact policy development for Manitoba’s lakes.

Here at LWF, we have spent the past four years working with the provincial government to improve protection of Manitoba’s threatened wetlands though strong regulation and strict enforcement. Specifically, we have been calling for new legislation that ensures no net loss of water retention capacity on the landscape by putting in place a drainage moratorium on seasonal (i.e., “Class 3”) wetlands and strengthening protection of semi-permanent and permanent wetlands (i.e., “Classes 4 and 5”).

This survey provides an opportunity for you to speak up for wetland protection and freshwater health. Here’s how:

  • Under the survey heading of “Water, Land-Use and Conservation Measures,” respondents are asked what land use and conservation measures should be used to protect natural areas on private land in Manitoba, while ensuring a sustainable agricultural industry. LWF supports regulations that limit agricultural activity around wetlands and natural areas in Manitoba. Such regulations will ensure we can keep water on the land, and phosphorus out of our lakes and rivers.
  • The survey also offers citizens an opportunity to provide additional comments or suggestions within a 2,000-character limit. Consider using this section to tell the provincial government that the health of Manitoba’s lakes and rivers are important to you. Here’s an example of how you might start your comment:

“As a cottage-owner and voter, I care deeply about the health of Manitoba’s lakes. I expect strong provincial leadership in protecting our freshwater resources. Legislating wetland protection is a good place to start.”

Remember to customize your comment as much as possible by sharing your personal connection to your local waterway, and aim to be clear and concise with your message; ask for investment in solutions and the implementation of evidence-based policies and practices.

You have until March 19, 2017, to complete the survey and have your say on Manitoba’s new Climate and Green Plan. Use your voice for positive change and join other lake-lovers in speaking up for fresh water! Click here to get started now.

Want to learn more about LWF’s position on wetland protection? Click here to read our provincial submission on Manitoba’s Climate and Green Plan.

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