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LWF’s education program goes virtual

Our education program assists educators to engage students on water stewardship issues and inspire youth action. As part of this program, we offer free school presentations about Lake Winnipeg.

With classes now underway across Manitoba, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted new protocols and routines designed to keep students and staff safe. LWF has adapted our activities, too. We have suspended in-person presentations until further notice. Instead, we are now offering online presentations!

Our presentations can be tailored to different age groups and contain subject matter which is relevant to various aspects of the Manitoba curricula. A typical presentation contains information about Lake Winnipeg, an introduction to the challenges facing the lake, and an overview of LWF’s current efforts to restore and protect the health of our shared waters.

Public education is an important part of our mission. We recognize that this year’s back-to-school season is anything but typical. Over the coming months, we will be exploring new ways to support teachers through virtual learning opportunities and other digital resources that can help bring water lessons to life for a new generation of lake-lovers.

To learn more about our education program or to book an online presentation, visit the “For Teachers” page on our website, or contact emilie@lakewinnipegfoundation.org.

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