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Lucky stones for Lake Winnipeg

Update: Time is running out to purchase your piece! The JBJD + LWF Collection is available online until Dec. 31, 2021. (Interested in gift giving? Visit Johanna Brierley Jewellery Design’s website for holiday order deadlines and other shipping information.) Get yours while you can! 

Just in time for the May long weekend – the unofficial start of cottage season in Manitoba – local jewelry designer Johanna Brierley has launched a new collection in support of a healthy Lake Winnipeg!

The pieces in the JBJD + LWF Collection were created using “lucky stones” from the beaches of Lake Winnipeg, discovered and generously donated by local lake-lovers. All proceeds from the limited-time collection are being donated to LWF.

Lucky stones, also known as hole stones, holey stones, Odin stones or Hag stones, are stones that feature naturally occurring holes. Found on beaches around the world, they have long been considered magical – bringing good luck and offering the power of protection.

The JBJD + LWF Collection features 10 made-to-order pieces including earrings, necklaces and a pin, each given a name inspired by people and places on or around Lake Winnipeg.

“I am grateful to have grown up so close to such an amazing body of water, and to have such wonderful memories of my time spent with friends and family at the lake – and I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with LWF and to promote all the hard work they do to protect the lake for future generations,” Brierley says.

“Because Lake Winnipeg is so special to so many people, I wanted to ask fellow lake lovers and beachcombers to participate in this project. We put out a call for people to send us some of their lucky stones and were humbled by their response. This collection incorporates stones from various areas around the lake and really exemplifies what can happen when nature and community combine.”

The JBJD + LWF Collection is available for purchase online at johannabrierley.com until Dec. 31, 2021.

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