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Let's learn: Lake Winnipeg Watershed

Many of us are spending a lot more time at home these days. Our Let's Learn series offers family-friendly educational activities and resources to help exercise your brain while keeping the kids entertained. Each post has a different theme related to Lake Winnipeg and offers different types of resources including colouring sheets, activity pages, videos, interactive online activites and experiments. Let's Learn about the Lake Winnipeg watershed!

These activities are best suited to the late elementary school to the early middle school levels. 

What is a watershed? It's an area that drains into a body of water. It could be a playground, your school parking lot, or a farmer's field. This video from Nutrien shows the size of our watershed and explains how and from where the water flows into Lake Winnipeg.

Quick Facts

  • The Lake Winnipeg watershed expands over four Canadian provinces and four American states
  • A whopping 7 million people live in Lake Winnipeg's watershed
  • The watershed spans almost 1,000,000 square kilometers. That's one million km2!
  • The Lake Winnipeg watershed is the second largest watershed in Canada


Did you know the Lake Winnipeg watershed also spans over seven Canadian treaties. Indigenous people have been living in the Lake Winnipeg watershed since Time Immemorial. That means since before living memory! First Nation peoples know more about the land than anybody else and their knowledge can help us learn how to protect the watershed and Lake Winnipeg.

You can learn more about Indigenous territories, treaties and spoken languages by looking at the interactive map at Native-Land.ca. Can you look at our watershed map next to the languages map and name 5 languages spoken by First Nation peoples in the Lake Winnipeg watershed?

Watershed activities

For many more videos, activities and interactive maps, check out The Red River and Lake Winnipeg Watershed page. If you scroll down the left side of the page, you'll learn about sub-watersheds, invasive species and more!

Activity pages

A page from our colouring pages with the outlines of leaves and berries.

Play around with our printable colouring book! These pages feature images from around the Lake Winnipeg watershed. All they need is your creative touch!

A picture of the Lake Winnipeg Watershed Word Search 

Our printable activity pages feature two fun-filled puzzles. Can you unscramble the words to find the joke's punchline?

Let your imagination run free with these printable colouring pages for kids and use your artistic skills to fill in the pictures!

When it comes to the health of our water, we’re all part of the problem and we’re all part of the solution. Stay tuned for more educational resources and activities from LWF!

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