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Important notice: LWF office displaced

Update: Our temporary situation has ended and LWF has now moved into a new office space.

At the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, we understand the importance of water. Last week, we were reminded of its power.

On Thursday morning, we learned that a pipe in the basement ceiling of the building in which LWF's office space is located had burst during the night. The result was a serious flood – and serious damage to various mechanical systems.

The entire building is now shut down, and we have been told it will take up to eight weeks to complete all necessary repairs.

LWF staff are in the process of moving to a temporary office space – conveniently located just next door! – and we are working to re-establish an operational phone line. Our email system remains functional; for now, this is the best way to reach us. Mail service will also continue as normal and we will check our old mailbox regularly.

If you are planning to visit the LWF office to purchase fundraising products or for any other reason, we recommend contacting us before you come to ensure that someone will be at the temporary location to meet and assist you.

While frustrating and disruptive, we recognize that things could have been a lot worse; our office was located on the third floor and did not sustain any damage.

We apologize to our members and supporters for any inconvenience this ongoing situation may cause. Thank you in advance for your patience and we will keep you updated.


LWF staff

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