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Happy International Beaver Day!

Ace Burpee loves beavers. The Winnipeg radio personality loves them so much, in fact, he wrote a song about them to celebrate International Beaver Day, which is observed each year on April 7.

The Beaver Song is a lot of fun – and so is the locally produced animated video. Even more exciting? Ace is generously donating all proceeds from every stream/download to the Lake Winnipeg Foundation! You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and TikTok, and watch the video on YouTube.

Here at LWF, we love beavers, too. Sometimes called ecosystem engineers, beavers help protect our shared waters by building dams, which in turn, create and restore wetlands.

Wetland ecosystems support biodiversity and are vital habitats for fish and other wildlife. They provide valuable ecological services, including water storage, flood mitigation and climate regulation. Wetlands also keep our water clean by filtering out excess phosphorus – the root cause of potentially toxic algal blooms on freshwater lakes.

Protecting Manitoba’s threatened wetlands will protect the health of our beloved lakes – including Lake Winnipeg! In recognition of their importance, Keeping Water on the Land is Action 1 of our Lake Winnipeg Health Plan, a set of eight evidence-based actions to reduce phosphorus loading.

Thanks again to Ace for supporting healthy wetlands with his homage to Canada’s famous furry rodent.

Beaver party tonight!

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