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Five Lake Winnipeg questions to ask your provincial election candidates

Manitoba’s election campaign has officially begun – and Lake Winnipeg needs to be on the agenda.

Over the past three decades, excess phosphorus has increased the growth of harmful algae blooms which are contaminating beaches, reducing water quality, and threatening local industries and communities.

It’s time for all of us to get involved as citizens living in a democracy in which the collective voice of the people influences the laws of the land.

It’s time to speak out for Lake Winnipeg.

What we’re doing:

To help voters make an informed decision when casting a ballot on April. 19, we’re reaching out to all provincial candidates to learn more about how they plan to address the challenges facing Lake Winnipeg. We’ll be sharing the responses we receive online soon.

Update: All responses are now posted here.

How you can help:

Engage with your provincial election candidates when they knock at your door. Email or call them. Reach out to them on social media. Tell them that Lake Winnipeg matters to you.

Ask them:

    1. What will you do to reduce phosphorus from untreated/under-treated Winnipeg sewage entering Lake Winnipeg?

    2. Do you support a budget increase to Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, the department responsible for protecting and managing the health of our shared waters?

    3. Do you support increasing protection for Manitoba’s threatened wetlands through strong regulation and strict enforcement?

    4. Will you commit to sharing up-to-date water quality information with the public?

    5. Do you support the establishment of an independent Office of the Environmental Commissioner of Manitoba to ensure government follows through on its promises?

Click here to download a printable copy of these questions. We also have a limited quantity of postcard-sized versions available at our Winnipeg office, perfect for sharing with your networks!

Lake Winnipeg is the world’s 10th largest freshwater lake. It defines our province’s geography, drives our economy, shapes our cultures and supports our biodiversity. It matters to Manitoba families.

Political will to create positive change starts with informed, engaged citizens speaking out. Together, we can make the health of our lake an election issue – and a priority of Manitoba’s next government.

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