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Congratulations to Dr. Pascal Badiou, 2014 Alexander Bajkov Award winner!

The Lake Winnipeg Foundation is thrilled to announce that Dr. Pascal Badiou has been chosen to receive the 2014 Alexander Bajkov Award.

Named in memory of pioneering fisheries biologist Alexander Bajkov (1894 – 1955), this award was created by LWF in 2008. It is presented annually to an individual who exemplifies Dr. Bajkov’s dedication to the understanding of Lake Winnipeg, and who demonstrates outstanding efforts to protect and restore the health of the lake and its watershed. Past recipients have included scientists, politicians, educators and journalists.

A graduate of the University of Manitoba with a Ph.D in wetland ecology, Dr. Badiou has been employed as a research scientist with Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Institute for Wetland and Waterfowl Research since 2006. He is currently leading a study that examines the impacts of wetland loss in Manitoba. Other research in Saskatchewan focuses on quantifying the ecological, social and economic benefits of wetlands in mitigating floods, improving water quality and sequestering carbon.

Wetland conservation is one of eight actions identified in LWF’s Lake Winnipeg Health Plan, which aims to reduce the amount of algae-causing phosphorus reaching Lake Winnipeg.

“Pascal’s research is highly relevant to decision-makers in government and industry, and to lake-lovers like us, who collectively strive to protect the health of our beautiful lakes,” said LWF executive director Alexis Kanu during the award presentation on May 5 at the foundation’s annual general meeting.

“As a researcher, as a collaborator, as a teacher and as an individual, Dr. Badiou’s credibility and integrity speak volumes,” Kanu added. “When Pascal speaks, we should all listen.”

Alexander Bajkov Award nominations are invited annually from members of the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, scientific, academic and arts communities, and the general public.

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