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Celebrating Manitoba's wetlands

A new publication is celebrating the multitude of benefits offered by Manitoba’s wetlands!

Nature’s Wealth is a joint release from LWF, Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

The four-page feature delves into the ecological and economic value of wetland areas – everything from water purification, flood protection, wildlife habitat, biofuels, recreational opportunities and even food!

It also highlights some of the conservation, policy and research initiatives currently underway across the province; readers get to meet research biologists, cattail experts, local farmers and other Manitobans who are making a difference – both on the land and in our shared waters.

Keeping Water on the Land is Action 1 of LWF's Lake Winnipeg Health Plan, in recognition that the solutions to the challenges facing our lake are found on the land. One of those solutions is protecting wetlands. These unique ecosystems provide so many crucial functions. Simply put, we can't afford to lose any more of them.

We love how this supplement turned out! (The full-page, full-colour graphic alone is worth a peek.) Click here to discover for yourself why Manitoba's wetlands are worth exploring – and worth conserving.

Your gift makes a healthy Lake Winnipeg possible.

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