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An annual lake tradition expands online

Walk for Water is the largest grassroots fundraising event in support of a healthy Lake Winnipeg. For many lake-lovers, participating has become an annual family tradition.

Three walks are being held this season in Dunnottar (July 24), Gimli (Aug. 7) and Victoria Beach (Aug. 7), organized by community volunteers with support from LWF. Proceeds are used to translate science into solutions: funding research, training citizen scientists, educating students and community groups, and addressing the root causes of harmful algae blooms by advancing the eight actions of the Lake Winnipeg Health Plan.

New for 2016 is an online fundraising option that allows supporters to get involved by donating online, or by creating their own personalized fundraising pages and sharing them on social media.

“The Internet has revolutionized the way citizens connect with each other,” says Alexis Kanu, LWF’s executive director. “Water also connects us: Lake Winnipeg’s watershed stretches all the way from the Rocky Mountains to Thunder Bay. It encompasses four Canadian provinces, four American states and multiple First Nations, and is home to more than seven million people. Everything that we do across this vast landscape has a potential impact on our water quality.”

According to a recent poll conducted for LWF by Probe Research, 80% of Manitobans agree that Lake Winnipeg is one of Manitoba’s most important natural resources, while 82% agree that Manitoba must demonstrate leadership in protecting Lake Winnipeg before we can ask other provinces and states in the watershed to follow suit.

“When it comes to the health of our shared waters, we’re all part of the problem – but we also all have the potential to be part of the solution,” Kanu continues. “This year’s Walk for Water is an opportunity for lake-lovers across Manitoba and beyond to take action, together, as citizens of our watershed.”

More information about Walk for Water 2016 is available here. Click here to download your pledge form - or create your own individual or team fundraising page online!

Your gift makes a healthy Lake Winnipeg possible.