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Lake Winnipeg Health Plan

The Lake Winnipeg Health Plan recognizes our shared responsibility for the health of Lake Winnipeg and its watershed, and promotes collective investment in their protection and restoration.

Collaboratively created with the guidance of LWF's Science Advisory Council and released in January, 2013, it translates science into action to address the root causes of harmful algal blooms and restore the balance of this vital ecosystem.

Our plan is a road map to a solution. Engaging researchers, industry associations, conservation organizations, educational institutions, decision-makers, grassroots groups and individuals, it identifies eight actions to reduce the amount of algae-causing phosphorous reaching Lake Winnipeg as a result of activities happening throughout Manitoba and beyond.

As the Lake Winnipeg Health Plan continues to gain momentum, LWF is partnering with researchers, industries, decision-makers and communities - leveraging the positive power of collaboration to have a real impact throughout the watershed.

There’s a place in our plan for you.

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