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Inland Sea: photographic works by William Pura

Since 2005, William Pura has taken thousands of photographs of Lake Winnipeg and the surrounding area. The photographs curated for Inland Sea, Pura’s latest photographic exhibition, touch on a wide range of issues regarding the lake and its relationship to the human presence in Manitoba.

Inland Sea opens Aug. 7 at Gurevich Fine Art (located at 62 Albert St., in Winnipeg) and will remain on display at the gallery until Aug. 27. A portion of the proceeds of all sales from this striking exhibit will be donated to LWF!

In connection with this exhibit, LWF and Gurevich Fine Art will be co-hosting a sure-to-be-interesting panel discussion on Wednesday, Aug. 19, called Lake Winnipeg’s Legacy: Framing the Issue. Learn more about this event here.

Thank you so much to both William Pura and Gurevich Fine Art!

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