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Event ideas ...for Lake Winnipeg 2020

Turn your special talents and unique skills into freshwater solutions. Get inspired with these ideas – then get involved! Whatever activity floats your boat, remember to observe your regional public health guidlines for travelling, physical distancing, sanitizing, and small group activities. 

If you've picked a fundraising idea, and want us to help promote it, tell us about it and we can add it to our events calendar!

Personal fitness challenge

Walk, run, cycle, climb stairs, do push-ups, shoot basketballs, practice yoga or complete any other physical activity while raising pledges from friends and family.

E-waste roundup

Help your neighbours and the environment by offering to pick upunwanted TVs, VCRs, computer equipment, CD players and other end-of-life electronics and drop them off at an authorized collection location in exchange for a donation. Check out our post on recycling beyond the blue bin for more information including where to take the electroincs.

Get creative

Paint, quilt, woodwork, crochet or do other crafts – then, hold a virtual sale. Have extra perennials in your garden? Love to make homemade pickles or jam? Share your bounty with others in exchange for a donation.

Community litter cleanup

Help keep your neighbourhood clean or offer to help decontaminate equipment from aquatic invasive species (like zebra mussels). Collect money for every bag collected or hour spent cleaning, or set pledge amounts for specific items (e.g.: $5 for every single-use plastic bag, $1 for every cigarette butt). 

Virtual concert/class

Sell tickets to an online talent show in which you play guitar, perform a play, or show off your dance skills. Or, hold an online cooking class and teach your friends and family how to make your world-famous lasagna!

Bake, cook and put it in a book

What are your favourite cottage recipes? Do you have innovative ideas to make everyday recipes burst with flavour? Put them on paper and sell copies of yuor very own cottage cook book! Try making savoury S'mores: replace the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow with hearty crackers, grilled tomatoes and mozzarella. 


Do you love to go fishing? Hold a mini fishing derby or collect donations based on the sizes of fish you catch. Remeber to follow all regional fihing guidlines, purchase an angler's license, and be mindful of aquatic invasive species guidlines.

Need help?

Have a great idea to promote? Need assistance setting up your online campaign? Contact us at info@lakewinnipegfoundation.org – we’re happy to help!

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