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Love, Lake Winnipeg EP

Love, Lake Winnipeg: A tribute to the songs of Sol Sigurdson
$ 10.00

Our Love, Lake Winnipeg: a tribute to the songs of Sol Sigurdson EP features four tracks from Riverton singer-songwriter Sol Sigurdson’s 1970 cult classic, The Lake Winnipeg Fisherman, reimagined by Manitoba musicians Jess Reimer, DJ Co-op, Scott Nolan and John K. Samson, and Mise en Scene.

Included with the EP is an eight-page full-colour booklet featuring messages from Sol and producer John K. Samson, as well as lyrics to all four songs.

Purchased EPs can be picked up at the LWF office, or shipped to you within Canada for a cost of $5. (Remember to add “shipping cost” to your cart when placing your order.)

This is a must-have for any lake-lover or music collector - and quantities are limited. Get yours today before it's too late!

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