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Get involved with Bike to the Beach 2020 and support a healthy Lake Winnipeg!

Update: Congratulations to Bike to the Beach riders for crushing the 130 km route from Winnipeg to Victoria Beach, and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated in support of their efforts. This new event raised over $57,000 – making it the most-successful fundraiser in LWF’s 15-year history! Read more about the event.

A new fundraiser hits the road on Aug. 7!

Bike to the Beach is a group ride from Winnipeg to Lake Winnipeg’s Victoria Beach in support of LWF. This year’s “founders ride” is the first in what will hopefully become an annual summer tradition.

You can support Bike to the Beach 2020 in two ways: 

Donate: Visit the Bike to the Beach 2020 online campaign page to donate directly to the ride, or donate to a specific rider through their personal fundraising page.  

**Note: the participant list is full. Any additional applicants will be put on a waiting list***

Participate in the ride: Collect a minimum $250 in donations to join the riders in Bike to the Beach. Visit the Bike to the Beach 2020 online campaign page and click “Create a Fundraiser” to get started! 

More information about the 2020 ride, including how this event is being adapted in accordance with public health recommendations, can be found on the Bike to the Beach Frequently Asked Questions page.

By supporting Bike to the Beach, you are part of a community of lake-lovers who are translating science into solutions for the health of our fresh water – now and for future generations. Thank you for making a healthy Lake Winnipeg possible!

Thanks to the following Bike to the Beach 2020 sponsors:

And thanks to the Manitoba Cycling Association and Woodcock Cycle Works for their support.

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