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Bike to the Beach 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

[collapsed title="What is Bike to the Beach?"]Bike to the Beach is a fundraising group bike ride from Winnipeg to Lake Winnipeg’s Victoria Beach in support of LWF.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Do I need to pre-register to participate in the ride?"]You will be considered registered once you’ve (1) set up your personal fundraising page on the CanadaHelps Bike to the Beach 2021 online campaign page and (2) signed all required waivers. *Please note, due to the current public health situation, we are limiting the number of participating riders. All participants must first be approved by organizers. Update: participation in the 2021 ride is now full. [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Is there a fee to register?"]All riders are to raise (or personally contribute) a minimum of $250 in donations to LWF in order to participate in Bike to the Beach, with an expectation that each participating rider will likely raise at least $500 or more through their fundraising efforts. We encourage you to be ambitious with your fundraising target – reach out to your networks and solicit support for your efforts and a healthy Lake Winnipeg![/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Is this a race? Will I be timed?"]No, Bike to the Beach is simply a group ride. However, participating riders should be able to keep up with the group. The 2020 Founders’ Ride was relatively fast and requires a moderate-to-high level of physical fitness.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Is there a recommended fitness level for participating riders?"]Yes – we are recommending participating riders have a moderate-to-high level of physical fitness. You should be able to ride the distance that you’re committing to. All cyclists are expected to ride within their abilities and self-select out of any situation that they do not feel comfortable with.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Can minors participate the ride?"]No. Riders must be at least 18 years old to participate in Bike to the Beach 2021.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="What gear do I need to participate?"]Participants must provide their own road bike, helmet, water bottle, spare tube, phone, some money (or a credit card) and appropriate riding clothing/supplies for the day (eg: sunscreen, raingear). Cyclists without helmets will not be able to participate. Cyclists should not use ear phones, air pods or any other distracting device while riding. [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="When and where does the ride start and finish?"]Bike to the Beach 2021 will start at 7:30 a.m. sharp on Friday, Aug. 6, at Mountain Bean Coffee, 2001 Henderson Hwy. LWF staff will be on site at 6:45 a.m. to welcome all riders. The ride will finish at the VB Clubhouse in Victoria Beach. Depending on public health regulations, start and finish locations may change.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="How long is the route?"]New for 2021, Bike to the Beach is offering three different route lengths, ranging in distance from approx. 70 km to approx. 162 km. Three designated rest stops will be set up along the route. Ride organizers will be updating all participants with additional route details closer to the ride. Regardless of where they plan to start, all riders will be welcome to attend the morning Bike to the Beach launch for coffee, camaraderie and to see the group off.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="What happens if I can’t finish the ride?"]Each rider is responsible for coordinating a contingency pickup option for themselves from family or friends, and should have a phone with them should they need to call for assistance during the event. If a rider is in between one of the designated rest stops and can’t continue, they should call their prearranged contact to pick them up.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Will there be cars on the roads that participants will be riding on?"]Yes – Bike to the Beach will take place on active roads, and ride organizers do not have the authority to force vehicles to stop. All riders are expected to ensure it is safe to proceed, and to take measures to stay safe: keep your head up at all times. All riders are also required to wear helmets while riding, warming up and cooling down.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Will refreshments be provided?"]Water and light refreshments will be provided at the designated rest stops along the route. Riders are to provide their own water bottles. Two rest stops have a store close by if riders wish to make a purchase. Riders should plan to bring their own food should they have special dietary requirements.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Cancellation and Rain Delays:"]Bike to the Beach will proceed as long as it is safe to do so; within reason, this includes riding in rain and wind. Organizers will be in contact with all riders prior to the event. In the event of dangerous conditions (eg: lightening), the ride will be cancelled. Each rider is responsible for coordinating a contingency pickup option for themselves from family or friends, and should have a phone with them should they need to call for assistance during the event. In the event of a change in the weather that affects the riders’ ability to participate, they should call their prearranged contact to pick them up. [/collapsed]

[collapsed title="How are participants getting back to Winnipeg once the ride is complete?"]Each rider is responsible for their own transportation – both to the start of the ride and home from the end of the ride.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="What precautions have been put in place to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission?"]Safety comes first. Bike to the Beach organizers are closely monitoring all public health notices to ensure we are following all regulations. Adaptations for the 2021 ride include limiting the number of participating riders and volunteers, and incorporating social distancing practices, sanitization procedures and other risk-reduction measures. We are prepared to further adapt 2021 event logistics as needed to optimize the safety of everyone involved and adhere to all public health regulations – up to and including cancelling the group ride and shifting to individual rides if required.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Are charitable receipts provided for donations to Bike to the Beach?"]Yes. CanadaHelps automatically generates and emails charitable receipts for all donations made through the Bike to the Beach 2021 online campaign page or through a rider’s personal fundraising page. LWF provides charitable receipts for donations of $20 or more made directly to the foundation.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="How are Bike the Beach proceeds being used?"]All proceeds for the ride will be donated to LWF to fund ongoing programmatic and advocacy work.[/collapsed]

[collapsed title="Can I support Bike to the Beach without participating in the ride?"]Absolutely! You can support the ride by donating to the ride itself or to an individual rider, or by becoming an event sponsor. You can also help spread the word about Bike to the Beach with your networks. If you’re interested in volunteering on the day of the event, please contact LWF.[/collapsed]

Your gift makes a healthy Lake Winnipeg possible.

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