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June 2022

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Online fundraising tech update: CanadaHelps is currently experiencing intermittent technical difficulties which are affecting the Walk for Water online campaign page. If you are interested in donating to Walk for Water and are unable to access the page, please instead use the primary Lake Winnipeg Foundation donation page, using the “Write a private message to us” comment field to let us know your donation is in support of Walk for Water. We apologies for any inconvenience this external situation may cause.

Join together with other lake-lovers this summer and support solutions for Lake...

What is Walk for Water?  


Walk for Water is a grassroots fundraising walk in support of a healthy Lake Winnipeg. These family-friendly, pledged walks take place each year in various lakeside communities.  


How long has Walk for Water been happening?  


The first Walk for Water event took place in 2007 in Matlock. Other lakeside communities began organizing their own walks soon after. In 2022, one Walk for Water is taking place in Victoria Beach.  


Do I need to pre-register?  


No. If you plan to walk in the event, simply arrive at the designated check-in time and volunteers will assist you then. If you...


This article first appeared in the Hill Times

The climate emergency is a water emergency. 

In Canada, we experience climactic change directly through changes to our water – its quality, its quantity, and its seasonality. 

In short, to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate in Canada, we have to start with water. 

The Liberal Party recognized this in 2021 with a campaign promise of a 10-year, $1-billion Freshwater Action Plan. That plan would “protect and restore large lakes and river systems” across the country, from the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence system to the Fraser and Mackenzie River basins...

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