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September 2017

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Manitoba’s government has launched public consultations on three new watershed planning initiatives. This is an opportunity for lake-lovers to speak up for our lakes and rivers and help shape provincial water policy.

Co-developed by the provincial departments of Sustainable Development and Agriculture, the three documents outline:

  • Changes to drainage regulations
  • An incentive program for farmers
  • Changes to Manitoba’s conservation districts program

At LWF, we recognize that these proposed initiatives have the potential to provide a strong framework to improve water management – and the health of...

All summer long we’ve been celebrating local beer and local lakes, partnering with local craft breweries to showcase limited-edition, lake-themed brews.

This collaborative beer series continues with September’s Boardwalk Belgian Pale Ale, created by our friends at PEG Beer Co.

Boardwalk Belgian Pale Ale is fruity with a slight pepper spice – a balanced beer that finishes dry and crisp. Try it while supplies last by visiting PEG Beer Co.’s brew pub, located at 125 Pacific Ave. in Winnipeg’s Exchange District.

Starting on Wednesday, Sept. 20, you’ll also be able to find Boardwalk Belgian Pale...

It’s not every day you get to visit one of Canada’s primary sources of lake science. And it’s certainly not every day you get to stand on the shores of a humble little lake known simply as Lake 227 that has informed scientists’ understanding of eutrophication for almost half a century.

Located in northwest Ontario about an hour and a half east of Kenora, the IISD Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA) is a natural laboratory comprised of 58 small lakes and their watersheds. The area was set aside for scientific research in 1968 and it’s an ideal setting in which to conduct whole-ecosystem science...

Update 2: Presentations on Bill 24 have been rescheduled; the committee will now meet on Monday, Oct. 23, and Tuesday, Oct. 24.

Update: The Standing Committee on Social and Economic Development is set to meet on Wednesday, Oct. 25, and Thursday, Oct. 26 to hear public presentations on Bill 24. LWF has registered to present. We urge all our supporters to contact their MLAs in advance of these meetings.

In March 2017, the provincial government announced plans to lift restrictions preventing the expansion of Manitoba’s hog industry, a move that would enable new and expanded barns to be built...

Dear supporter,

Lake Winnipeg needs your immediate help.

This spring, the provincial government announced plans to lift restrictions preventing the expansion of Manitoba’s hog industry, a move that would enable new and expanded barns to be built across the province.

Proposed legislative changes, introduced through the government’s Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act (Bill 24), seek to remove two provisions from the current Environment Act: one requiring that an anaerobic digester be installed in all new and expanding barns to manage manure volumes, and a second banning spreading of manure between Nov. 10 and April 10, when frozen, snow-covered or saturated ground prevents manure nutrients from being absorbed into the soil.

In one week, MLAs will return to work. It is anticipated that Bill 24 will come before the legislative assembly during this session. We are asking you to contact your local MLA and speak up for Lake Winnipeg.

Our provincial government has repeatedly assured its voters that its decisions are made using a science-based approach. However, water-quality data are not available to inform the proposed changes to Manitoba’s hog industry.

Before undertaking any amendments to regulation or legislation governing the hog industry, it is the responsibility of the government of Manitoba to provide its citizens with robust evidence demonstrating that increased manure application to agricultural fields as a result of industry expansion will not increase phosphorus loading to Lake Winnipeg.

Please join us in advocating for evidence-based decision-making. The more we speak up, the stronger our collective impact becomes. Learn more here.

MLAs need to hear from voters. Any expansion of the hog industry must be undertaken in a manner that safeguards Manitoba’s water resources. The health of Lake Winnipeg must be protected.

Contact information for all MLAs can be found here. Not sure which constituency you live in or who your MLA is? Click here and enter your home address to find out.

Thank you for taking action on this very important issue,

The LWF team

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