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Lake Facts

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Lake Winnipeg Infographic

Map illustrated by Shawn Stankewich. Data from the Lake Winnipeg Foundation and the Province of Manitoba


  • 25,000,000 dollars in commercial fishing revenue annually
  • 1,096 annual commercial fishing licences
  • 7,000,000 people live in the watershed, but less than ...
  • 25,000 people live along the lake's shore, or just ...
  • 0.3% of the watershed's population

Lake Winnipeg is the ...

  • 10th largest freshwater lake in the world
  • 3rd largest hydroelectric resevoir in the world
  • 2nd largest watershed in Canada

Each year ...

  • 7,900 tonnes of phosphorus enter the lake, but only ...
  • 2,400 leave through its outlet, resulting in ...
  • 5,500 tonnes of net phosphorus loading annually
LWF publishes a newsletter, The Watershed Observer, twice a year. Our most recent edition includes an update on our community-based monitoring efforts, a profile on LWF member and volunteer extraordinaire Paul Trevenen, plus information about proposed changes to provincial legislation that could affect Manitoba water quality and how you can get involved.