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H2O iQ

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H2O iQ is an educational resource for teachers, students and the public. It was launched in October, 2013, by Lake Friendly, an initiative established by the South Basin Mayors and Reeves.

The H2O iQ workbook is designed to provide accessible information, tools and other resources to fully explore issues related to the importance of water and to issues facing water in the Lake Winnipeg Watershed.

This comprehensive resource is consistent with Manitoba’s educational curricula and includes information and activities for a variety of grade levels. 

Hard copies of H2O iQ are available through the LWF office. Please note quantities are limited. For more information to to access H2O iQ online, click here.

LWF publishes a newsletter, The Watershed Observer, twice a year. Our most recent edition includes an update on our community-based monitoring efforts, a profile on LWF member and volunteer extraordinaire Paul Trevenen, plus information about proposed changes to provincial legislation that could affect Manitoba water quality and how you can get involved.